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US Consumables Shopper Insights Webinar: Shopping the Box - Walmart/Target and Dollar Stores

12 Sep 2019, 01:00 PM EST

With shoppers’ continued focus on holistic value, retailers have invested in the store, including assortment and experience, and omnichannel fulfillment capabilities. Are these investments paying off with shoppers, but more importantly, are they meeting expectations and changing how shoppers shop? Join Kantar’s shopper insights experts to explore cross-box shopping at Walmart and Target, and dollar store shopping, with a focus on: Which departments—and shopper groups—are ...


US Consumables Shopper Insights Webinar: State of Grocery Shopping

17 Apr 2019, 01:00 PM EST

Every day shoppers have more options for where and how to do their grocery shopping, but what does that mean for shopper expectations of grocery shopping, pre-trip routines, and evaluations of grocery retailers   Join Kantar’s shopper insights experts to explore the state of the grocery shopping from several angles: What happens before and during the trip—and has that changed over the past two years?  ...


US Consumables Shopper Insights Webinar: Shoppers in 2019 - What You Need to Know

28 Feb 2019, 01:00 PM EST

The shift to a new year and holiday gift shopping activities have the potential to reset both shopping routines and the shopper mind set.   This webinar will explore the key shifts and outline what you need to know about shoppers in 2019:   What is the current state of shoppers’ spending intentions, concerns, and shopping priorities? And what can we expect for the rest of the year?  ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: The Shifting Shopper Landscape for Consumables

24 Oct 2018, 01:00 PM EDT

Both retailers and shoppers have spent the past several years adjusting to a new set of shopping realities. Retailers have invested in the store experience and digital capabilities. Shoppers have begun to expand their retailer consideration set; plus their understanding of “value” has evolved and so has the way in which many retailers (and suppliers) communicate with shoppers about value. With all these overlapping and intersecting changes what is the impact on shopping routines ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: Shopper Spotlight on Health, and the Rising Challenge of Specialty Players

1 Aug 2018, 01:00 PM EDT

Though shopper anxiety about a range of issues has ebbed this year, two-thirds of shoppers remain “extremely” concerned about some aspect of health and wellness—whether it be their family’s health, access to health services, or rising health care costs. Retailers and brands can play a role in alleviating those anxieties, and in this webinar we’ll review the state of shoppers’ health and wellness, and the opportunities to connect with shoppers in this space.   While ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar - Mapping the FDM Landscape: the Shopper POV

25 Apr 2018, 01:00 PM EDT

One of the defining characteristics of the shopper landscape over the past several years has been the redefinition—and expansion—of the notion of “value.” As shoppers evolve in this space, it’s incredibly important for the retailer-supplier conversation to move beyond a price-focused view of value, as well. To that end, we’ve suggested creating “value scorecards” for your brands and retail partners, and to look for synergies to build in to ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: 2018 Outlook and Loyalty

21 Feb 2018, 01:00 PM EST

It may be a New Year, but shoppers are more likely to show signs of doubling down on key shopping behaviors rather than adopting totally new shopping approaches. However, some of these behaviors—i.e., shifting more shopping online, trialing online grocery shopping, maintaining a stable set of retailers shopped—still require explicit consideration when thinking about how to go market and how to attract and retain shoppers. Join as for our first webinar of the year to learn what ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: State of the Shopper Today - Status Quo or at an Inflection Point

1 Nov 2017, 01:00 PM EST

The pace of change—in general and at retail—has been staggering over the past few years, and connecting with shoppers can sometimes feel like playing a game of catch-up. As 2017 nears its end, we'll pause to examine how shoppers are feeling and behaving at retail, look forward to where shopping behavior is headed to close out 2017, and identify some key watch-outs for 2018. In this webinar, we'll leverage Kantar Retail's latest shopper research to: Take a pulse check on shoppers' ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: Crossing the Box and Building the Basket: The View from Shoppers

16 Aug 2017, 01:00 PM EST

As many retailers that sell primarily fast-moving consumer goods have seen their shopper bases erode over the past few years, emphasis has shifted from attracting new shoppers to "getting more" from a retailer's existing shopper base. Investing in an improved store experience, curating an assortment that is especially appealing to loyal shoppers, delivering unique value, and providing useful services all serve as potentially powerful levers to drive traffic and build baskets among a retailer's ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: The Low-Income Opportunity in Natural/Organic and Disruptive Consumables Retailers

15 Jun 2017, 01:00 PM EST

As shoppers’ spending sentiment remains flat and retail sales gains remain modest in 2017, it will be imperative to identify new growth opportunities and to understand the potential impact of new retail players on shoppers’ spending and shopping habits. In this webinar, we’ll parse one such growth opportunity that is likely flying below your radar: the organic/natural opportunity among lower-income shoppers. Additionally, we’ll gauge the shopper impact of some “disruptive” ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: Reaching Across the (Retail) Aisle to Connect with Shoppers in 2017

22 Feb 2017, 01:00 PM EST

On its surface, shopping behavior has looked largely unchanged over the past year—spending sentiment has remained steady, retail sales growth has been modest, and shoppers' store sets have stabilized. But that high-level stability belies some important shifts that are underway, and now is certainly not the time to become complacent. With the meaning of "value" continuing to be reframed and refined, the growing prevalence of online in shoppers' routines coming off a strong 2016 holiday ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: Key Influences Shaping the Shopper Landscape

20 Oct 2016, 01:00 PM EST

Fall has arrived, and change is in the air (along with a healthy dose of pumpkin spice). As the election and holiday season draw near and 2016 begins to wind down, changes in the macro and retail environments, along with shifting attitudes and values, surely will influence shopping behavior. During this session, we will examine important factors that impact the food/drug/mass shopper landscape—both in the immediate short-term, as well as more foundational shifts in shopping behaviors ...


U.S. Shopper FDM Webinar: Mid-Year Shopper Pulse Check

20 Jul 2016, 01:00 PM EST

With half of 2016 already behind us, now is an excellent time to check in on key areas of shoppers' behaviors and attitudes. In this webinar, we'll share a mid-year "pulse check," examining how shoppers are feeling about their ability to spend at retail, how that spending is shifting, and what concerns are keeping them up at night. We will also share our annual update on how shoppers are shopping at Walmart and Target, focusing on department conversion and cross-shopping patterns within ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar Series

21 Apr 2016, 01:00 PM EST

As 2015 came to a close, shoppers' culling of stores from their consideration sets seemed to have leveled off. However, the first few months of 2016 have seen a resurgence of shoppers' streamlining mindsets when it comes to retail, stressing the continued importance of retailers and brands to connect with shoppers in meaningful ways. During this session, we'll check in on shopper behaviors and attitudes in three of these key areas. Expect to learn: The extent to which retailers are ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar Series: 2016 - How Did We Get Here, and Where Are We Going?

3 Feb 2016, 01:00 PM EST

Several important inflection points and shifts in shopper behavior have emerged over the past few years. While some of these shifts seem to have reached at least a temporary equilibrium, shopping behavior and attitudes continue to evolve in other, equally meaningful ways. Join us for our first FDM Shopper Webinar of the year as we examine how shopper behavior arrived at the state that closed out 2015, and look toward the future of shopping behavior over the course of 2016. We'll leverage ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar: Maintaining Relevance with Today’s Shopper - Three Views

1 Oct 2015, 01:00 PM EDT

Stress-Free: The Shopper Mantra of 2015 One of the most significant shifts in shopper attitudes in 2015 has been the increased emphasis on the importance of a "stress-free" shopping experience, which begs the question: what exactly does that mean? We'll leverage recent ShopperScape® data to uncover the factors that contribute to less stressful shopping, what this means to different types of shoppers, and, according to shoppers, which retailers do the best job of providing this sort ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar Series

30 Jul 2015, 01:00 PM EDT

Seasonal Behavior as Harbinger It's no surprise that seasonal events significantly affect shoppers' behavior—and the second half of the year is chock-full of such occasions. Everything from spring cleaning and summer entertaining (or even just regular grocery shopping in the summer months), to big spending seasons such as back to school as the fall months approach sheds light on the fact that "everyday" shopping behaviors evolve with the seasons. We'll leverage recent ShopperScape® ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar Series: Key Influences on Today's Shopping Trips

2 Apr 2015, 01:00 PM EDT

The Evolving Nature of What's Important to ShoppersShoppers continue to signal that value tops the list of priorities when shopping, but how value stacks up against other attributes is shifting. We'll explore what other aspects of shopping may provide a hook to connect with shoppers on issues other than a pure price or value message. The State of Grocery/HBC Trips TodayStock-up trips remain the dominant M.O. for grocery/HBC trips, but fill-in trips are making a resurgence. Pre-trip planning ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar Series

4 Feb 2015, 01:00 PM EST

Hello, 2015! As shoppers look toward the new year, how are they thinking about approaching shopping? We'll leverage findings from the ShopperScape® survey for a beginning-of-year check on spending intentions, planned changes in shopping behavior, spending priorities, and shoppers' outlooks for 2015, in order to understand what is in store for shopping behavior in 2015. Price Leaders and Laggards. As pricing narratives evolve across the retail landscape, pricing becomes more transparent, ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar

29 Oct 2014, 01:00 PM EDT

Key Shopper Segments: Hispanics and Have Nots ... Hispanics and so-called "Have Not" shoppers (i.e., shoppers in households with annual income less than $60K) represent two growing segments of the shopper population. In some aspects of shopping, shoppers in these segments behave much like shoppers in the aggregate—e.g., Have Nots' pre-trip planning routines mirror those of all shoppers and Hispanics are no more or less likely to buy private brands. But in other aspects, the segments ...


US Shopper FDM Webinar

18 Jul 2014, 01:00 PM EDT

Shoppers continue to signal their intent to streamline and simplify shopping routines. Conversely, they also continue to assert relatively positive spending intentions, and the share of shoppers planning to spend less at retail has hit all-time lows for several consecutive quarters. Against this backdrop, we'll leverage ShopperScape® to examine "bright spots"— the positive shopper trends and indicators—and "watch-outs"—the shopper trends that signal red flags ...


US Shopper FDM Series Webinar: Spotlight on Grocery/HBC Shopping: Private Label through a Shopper Lens and the Evolution of Trip

11 Apr 2014, 01:00 PM EDT

Shoppers and Private Brands As retailers grow private brands by placing increased emphasis on quality, introducing innovative packaging, and leveraging robust marketing programs, shopping behaviors related to private brands have perhaps more potential to shape the future for national brands than any other issue today. Using ShopperScape® data, we'll take a look at how shoppers are responding to private brands: What role do private brands play in retailer choice decisions? How do shoppers ...


US Shopper FDM Series: What to Expect From Shoppers in 2014

7 Feb 2014, 01:00 PM EST

Despite shoppers' relatively positive spending intentions through the end of the year, the number of retailers shopped in an average month hit a record low during the same time period. Shoppers are signaling adoption of additional "limiting" behaviors in the year ahead, and changes in the retail landscape and broader marketplace will further influence shopping behavior. Our initial Webinar of 2014 will detail what you should expect from shoppers in the New Year, with a specific focus on: Shopping ...


US Shopper FDM Series: Digital FDM Shoppers, New Healthcare Shoppers, & Performance Gaps at Target & Walmart from a Shopper Lens

3 Oct 2013, 11:00 AM EDT

The Food, Drug, Mass Digital Shopper There's no denying the fact that digital interactions increasingly influence shopping experiences and shape how shoppers view retailers—regardless of where purchasing actually takes place. Retailers at the leading edge of this trend continue to evolve the functionality of digital apps and enhance other online capabilities. But how does this align with what shoppers want to accomplish using digital tools and technology as it relates to shopping ...


US Shopper FDM Series:A Look at Shopping Patterns: Grocery Routines, Urban Shoppers, and Cross-Box Shopping at Mass

1 Aug 2013, 11:00 AM EDT

The Evolution of Shopping Routines Despite the dynamic nature of the retail industry, much of shopping for food and other groceries remains routine. However, routines evolve. Using ShopperScape®, we'll take look at shoppers' current food/grocery/HBC shopping routines, as well as how they differ by channel and how they've changed over time. What types of trips are shoppers making? How are they paying for their purchases? To what extent do paycheck cycles dictate the shopping routine? ...


US Shopper FDM Series: Hot Topics in Shopping Behavior: Trip Behavior, Health & Wellness, & a Fresh Look at Organic

12 Apr 2013, 11:00 AM EDT

Trends in Trip Behavior: Over the past several years, ShopperScape® data has tracked changes in how shoppers use weekly stock-up trips in conjunction with smaller, more convenient trips. We’ll take a fresh look at the latest ShopperScape® data on trip behavior to understand what missions drive shoppers to the store and how this varies across retailers and channels, what else they do while there, how much they spend, what they buy, and how they shop the store ...


US Shopper FDM Series

1 Feb 2013, 11:00 AM EST

Shoppers’ New Year: Shopping Approaches and Expectations for 2013 For shoppers, January is traditionally a time for making resolutions and getting a fresh start. This year, it’s also a time of uncertainty about how various issues in the macroeconomic environment will play out in the weeks and months ahead. With both of these issues as a backdrop, we’ll examine shoppers’ expectations, and plans for spending and retooling shopping approaches in 2013. The State ...


US Shopper FDM Series: Shopper Pulse Check, Evolution of Online Consumables Shopping, & Crossing the Aisles at Target & Walmart

25 Oct 2012, 11:00 AM EDT

Checking the Pulse of the Shopper Shoppers’ spending sentiment has grown more stable throughout 2012. But as shoppers gear up for the holiday shopping season, are bombarded with political campaign ads, and start to look ahead to 2013, how will their shopping behavior shape up in the final quarter of the year? The pulse of the shopper will be monitored on a range of timely issues, including early reads on holiday shopping and spending plans, spending sentiment and household financial ...


July Shopper FDM Webinar: Shopping Behavior in Recovery, Regional Grocers & Amazon Loyalty Program

25 Jul 2012, 11:00 AM EDT

A Check on Shopping Behavior in a Still-Tentative Recovery Shoppers are getting some relief from rising food and fuel prices, but still face other economic challenges.  In this environment, where are shoppers shopping more or less often? How are shoppers’ spending intentions evolving and how do they judge their household financial health?  From a product perspective, where are shoppers trading down or trading up?   A Closer Look at Regional Grocers While large, national ...


US Shopper FDM: Health & Wellness, Loyalty & Leakage, Men vs. Women

20 Apr 2012, 11:00 AM EDT

Shopper Awareness and Usage of Retail Health and Wellness Initiatives Supermarkets and drugstores both are actively vying to be a source of health and wellness solutions for shoppers.  But to what degree are shoppers aware of these efforts and awarding retailers “trusted partner”  status when it comes to managing health and wellness?  New ShopperScape® data help identify which retailers are gaining traction as they activate health and wellness in the store. ...


US Shopper FDM: Shoppers’ Expectations & Spending in 2012,Will Convenience Encroach on Grocery?

27 Jan 2012, 11:00 AM EST

Happy New Year? Shoppers’ Expectations for 2012Going into the New Year, shoppers have higher expectations for their personal economic situations than for the economy as a whole.  Even with a more optimistic outlook regarding their own finances, consumers still plan to be strategic about their shopping in 2012.  Their strategy is not a straightforward “buy less” approach, however, and is coupled with a variety of deal-seeking activities.  We’ll look ...


Shopper Series - Food/Drug/Mass: October 2011

27 Oct 2011, 11:00 AM EDT

The Role of Digital in Shopping for Consumables Today, very little sales volume of food, non-food groceries, and health and beauty care is generated through online or mobile sales channels.  However, shoppers are increasingly incorporating digital and mobile resources and tools into the shopping process for these categories … and Gen Y shoppers are often 2–3 times more likely to shop for these categories online than all shoppers.   We’ll use the latest ShopperScape® ...


Shopper Series - Food/Drug/Mass: July 2011

21 Jul 2011, 11:00 AM EDT

How are dollar stores winning with shoppers? In a retail environment poised to deliver modest overall growth, Kantar Retail forecasts that the value discount channel is positioned to deliver above-average growth.  Recent ShopperScape™ findings pinpoint what drives trips and frequency to Dollar General, Family Dollar, other small-format value retailers.   Where are shoppers likely to be shopping more often?  What happens when shoppers go to Walmart less often? As shoppers’ ...


Shopper Series - Food/Drug/Mass: May 2011

16 May 2011, 11:00 AM EDT

Kantar Retail focused some recent ShopperScape™ research on a set of fundamental shopper behaviors related to grocery shopping.  The data is in and it forms an illuminating picture of current shopping behaviors and patterns that should be among the core planning premises for any company selling through supermarkets and competitive formats.  During this webinar we will explore:   How Trip Mission Is Evolving: Stock-up or Fill-in? The stock-up trip is not dead, but on ...


Shopper Series - Food/Drug/Mass: January 2011

28 Jan 2011, 11:00 AM EST

U.S. Shopper Series-Food/Drug/Mass: January 28, 2011Shopping Incidence: Who's Winning, Who's Losing Despite a relatively healthy rebound in retail sales, 2010 proved another challenging year for retailing.  food, drug, and mass channel retailers struggled to increase their shopper bases, and found it even harder to sustain shopper loyalty.  Based on our annual Shopping Incidence study, Kantar Retail provides a retrospective of shopping dynamics across FDM channels, and projects ...


US Shopper Series: Food/Drug/Mass October 14

14 Oct 2010, 11:00 AM EDT

Next Generation Solutions for Next Generation ShoppersThe willingness of shoppers to test new market solutions and offers combined with ticket-splitting across multiple venues when grocery shopping signals the death knell of customer loyalty for any single retailer.  Watch for a new generation of shoppers to want a new breed of stores. Small-Box Presence Alters Shopping Behavior At a time when many supermarket retailers are struggling, two small-box grocers - Trader Joe's and ALDI ...


US Shopper Series: Food/Drug/Mass August 19

19 Aug 2010, 11:00 AM EDT

Crossing the Aisles:    Who is crossing the aisles these days at Target and Walmart Supercenter, where are they going and more importantly where are they not going?  How have shopping trips to the two giants changed since last year?  How are shifts in shopper compositions changing department penetration and baskets?  These questions and others will be answered as Kantar Retail experts dig deep into thousands of trips made by Walmart Supercenter and Target shoppers. ...


US Shopper Series FDM

13 May 2010, 11:00 AM EDT

Post-Recession ShoppersShopping behavior changed significantly during the recession, but marketers need to be focused now on understanding what shopping behaviors adopted during the downturn will persist post-recession.  Where are shoppers trading down to maintain or upgrade their spending elsewhere?  How are CPG categories faring vs. softgoods and homegoods categories in terms of tradeoffs?  Retailers and suppliers must understand how this behavior will affect the retail ...